Sunday, 4 October 2015

Ducky is 8

Its nearing 1am & I am not even tired, I have too much in my brain I want to set down here as it has been far too long since I wrote. And an occasion like the special day just passed definitely needs noting. Our sweet cherub pie Darcey doo turned 8. How is that even here already. I have known her since she was 20 months old, so little & chubby. So giggly & robust. So cuddly & warm. She is all legs now, nearly as tall as me, definitely taller than Jojo & Nanna!! We play dot to dot on her freckles & she has more big girl teeth than baby now. What a crazy journey, but wow what a for-filling one. Being a step mama to this cherub has been so hugely rewarding. Although the bad times have been so destructive the good far out-way it & I can honestly say even these days have made us stronger, closer & the hugs so much tighter. She has a way just now where her hugs have so much depth behind them. She hands them out often & they are the most sincere love she shows. I just adore her smiles with those great big teeth gleaming. The constant silly faces & strange poses when being photographed. The jokes she tells that are so unfunny they become funny. The beauty of her happy face when she has made us proud. Its so incredible to be so blessed in life by a sweet child I chose to love through loving my fiancé, he has given me so much in her & himself. Our family is so solid, our love is the rainbow behind every storm, so immensely huge in its qualities to heal. Together or divided I know she feels secure that our love for her is just overwhelmingly incredible. I love you will never be a huge enough statement to contain the feelings that go with thinking of our bubba Duck. 143 sweet girl. Happy birthday to you xx

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