Friday, 22 March 2013

Flashback Friday*

Our beautiful Ducky all tiny & cutee tutti. This was one of our first trips out together. You had a babychino party with your teddys. Love how much you look like pops here, so stunning & ickle* You were nearly two, Ive known you longer than I havent now & you are just so special to me boo. My darcey doo cherub pie cute toot ducky doll*****

Studley bubb, i love love lurve your chubby cheeks, knuckles & chin* the cutest pic that still has me giggling. Your beautiful side sweep hair & gummy smile. Your whole character oozes out of this pic!! Its funny too you have the same as mama, when you smile super hard your left eye goes smaller than the right** I love you bambino, you lil cherub boo. My absolute angel child!

Im just so incredibley lucky to have these lil angels that just make love fizz in my chest. My heart exploding with such laughter at their cheeky faces & innocent smiles. 143 sweet babys**

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