Friday, 8 March 2013

Absent mind*

We have had a pretty brutal couple of weeks so have been unable to blog even though my little stud bubb has been so unbelievably amazing & motivating. He has helped me through so much even when he was having a strop or moaning for more milk I just kept going for that lil dude, he is just my absolute world* Long story short my beautiful cousin Carly has suffered a major stroke, shes recovering well but is still very poorly & in hospital. Jasper was so impressed when I told him that Carly went in a neenaw with lights flashing & sirens blazing all the way to London. I have been concentrating on creating a blog for Carly to document her illness, recovery & Evelyns activities whilst Carly has been unwell so she doesnt miss a thing so have been absent on my own but have not missed a thing when it comes to Jaspey boo. Darcey has been at her mummys & thank god we get to see her tonight as Im missing her so bloody much & just need to squeeze her so bad. Its Mothers day weekend & for the first time I will spend it with both my angels, selfish or not that makes me so happy & so proud. Gonna leave this link as small & start new post anyhow. New pics on facebook are here...

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