Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Snow day again Studley boo*

Snow day again. I was stressed out with the snow, I hate feeling the cold & when its so unexpected especially for March it had me mad as Im so wishing for some spring sun & fun now. You however sweet boy were so exhilarated and in awe of the cold white fluff adorning nannas garden. We had to stay overnight at Nannas as the roads were too dangerous to travel once the snow had fallen for a few hours & we were warm & cosy there having spent the day with Uncle Sam (see before post), watching Fireman Sam & playing cars & neenaws. You woke with such excitement & once everyone that didnt have to go to work (basically all our family but daddy) came up you headed outside geared up in many layers ready again for the snow. It wasnt coming down much by then but still chilled your cheeks in an instant. I decided not to join you as I was just too cols & had had a shower so with wet hair had a brilliant excuse not to leave Nannas fire warmed home. I stayed snuggled under her blankets :) You had a blast & straight away headed for the blow up plastic sledge Sam had brought in January. You were dragged to the graveyard where you all made a small snowman & chucked snowballs & Mike, Vicky, Sam, Joey & Dave all took turns in running down the hill guiding your sledge & turning the corners at silly speeds with you giggling hysterically & holding on for your life hoping not to flip. Im glad I didnt come out as Joeys videos showed that you loved this experience but I for sure would have said it was too dangerous & stopped the boys pulling you so fast!! You stumbled through the deep snow & enjoyed sitting in it getting frozen. You came in after half an hour & we snuggled under blankets to get you warm & then it was nap time. Everyone grumbles & curses me for taking you away from them & playtime but you need you naps still angel as you get so tired. You are definitely having a mega growth spurt & seem to be sleepy a lot this week as I wake you from your nap early to finish an activity or get you ready for dinner etc. I decided today you could do with the rest & to leave you to wake yourself but after reaching four hours I had to wake you. Your poor sleepy face was so sad as you must of been dreaming of such fun in the snow but you were cheered up but the prospect of going to see Juli's new puppy Merlin. He is such a dream & so fluffy & adorable. I want a puppy so much & i know you would absolutely love to have a puppy at home to play with every day as you so adore Roxy. Will bug daddy on that one huh!! We then went for a carvery dinner with all the family, it was such a nice evening. We all stacked our plates super high & ate silly amounts & still ordered a dessert each. You had ice cream with marshmallows which u loved & we were sat in a nice secluded corner so you were able to run about a little with Sam & Mike & you pretended an area was cornered off as crocodiles were in the water. Sam pretended to fall in & it was just so cute seeing you concerned & run to his side & get him up & run to safety. You’re so lovely & so well behaved & a charm. Everyone fought to sit with you but you chose me & Uncle Sam hehe. Everyone just so adores you baby. I adore you so very much & love you beyond measure. Sweet dreams sleeping baby, see you in the morning** 143

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