Friday, 8 March 2013

my bumpkin love*

 As it stands now we have Darcey only every other weekend for the full weekend. Obviously this does not make us happy & I used to be able to collect her from home & take her to pre-school once a week to compensate not having a weekend visit but we are not allowed these visits now she is in school full time. It is so very hard not seeing her & we are trying to think of new ways we can ask her mum to see or at least speak to Darcey within the period we dont have time with her. We miss her so badly & when she comes home it is so warm & loving I just wish she could stay forever. Jasper just beams & so loves having his sister at home & we of course relish in our love for her & enjoy again being a family unit as whole as can be. I hope in the future we will be allocated more time with cherub pie & have daily contact with her through the phone. We have her home tonight & treated the bubbas to ice creams & movie night before bed. They are still at half eight awake sharing the same bed & just giggling & chatting. I want to tell them to sleep as their routine is out & they are so overtired its gonna be a mission to get them to sleep peacefully but hearing them giggle & knowing their happy snuggling in Jaspeys bed with their teddys is just too cute, one time wont hurt** Jasper really is just thrilled to see his doo, his bestest ever friend. Ive just gone in to calm them both & got the biggest kisses from princess & the hardest squeezes. I lay hugging her & she held my hands squeezing them waiting for a response from me to squeeze back, an unwritten message of something, a bond. She kept kissing my hand & snuggling it to her cheeks, so precious.
Darcey told me & daddy earlier that she kissed her boyfriend at school today & he didnt want her to but her friend told her to, too grown up sweetpea** hehe. She said his name is ... & he doesnt speak english like we do but he says the same words!! We very rarely get snippets of info from missi moo's other home life so was really nice to enjoy a conversation with her & not feel that she were guarded. Oh & she told us that she dressed as Dotty (Dorothy!!) from Wizard of Oz for world book day. Can just imagine how beautiful you looked honey bee. We have the whole weekend, infact Mothers day weekend, to enjoy our lovely family & even though the english weather is not easing up for us to enjoy time outdoors Im sure we will make it a special one as always when cherub is home. Although this fortnight has been hellish I have still been thankfully distracted by my beaut Studley boo & have had some nice sunny days to go scooting & to practise his running & jumps. Jasper is obsessed by another kids tv programme Lazytown. I have to say its bareable & sometimes I get a little to involved in the storyline too. Bubb loves the foreign style music that goes with the show & the end it always plays the same song which gets Jaspey on his toes jumping & dancing like his favourite character Sportacus. He looks like a budding gymnast bouncing round the lounge (maybe another new activity to pursue). Tomorrow morning Jasper will attend a new dance class for the second time. He absolutely loved his first lesson & picked up the moves & the songs really well. Such a gorge boy. Daddy & Darcey joined us & boo kept turning to them waving frantically & so exhilarated at his performance & so chuffed at himself for being so confident & good at dancing. 
It was raining so hard today but errands needed running & the weather never really ceases any activity we do so we geared up for the rain & Jasper had every passer by staring enchanted by the gorgeous happy boy splashing so hard in the puddles that even with a wetsuit, puffa jackets & wellies it still got into your socks!! Jumping so excitedly in the hugest puddle right in the centre of town with an audience, he looked so divinely happy. Watching his little body work how it should fascinates me even to this day. My body created that skin, muscle & bone & that just amazes me. The term having children is to have your heart run outside your body is so bloody true. These little hearts beats are my everything. If i say to Jaspey "Are you mummys happy heartbeat bubba?" he always answers with "my are mummy, me me happy!!." too cutee booty. Im so addicted to squeezing these lil bumpkins. I squeeze too hard & for too long I know but just embracing them is so consuming. I love bear hugging studley & feeling his heartbeat in my palm. If we nap together he makes me stroke his back (just like daddy*) & then a steal a squeeze, my hand holding his lil chest, so muscular & firm, not chubby like a newborn anymore. My amazing toddler toot. Dressing Jaspey is always a cuddle game too, him lunging at me whilst I try & get him to help himself into his sleeves & trouser legs. He just pounces & how can I deny him snuggs. Ive noticed in the past few months that he has started to get a few moles. Five adorn his little body now, he finds them fascinating & at first would point at the one on his hip & say "Dirty mummy!!." He has a cute light little one on his nose, his beauty mark. He has the most incredible soft, sweet smelling skin & now these to him are imperfections. He is such an adventure bunny & so the bruises & scars that will soon line his body scare me but it is just awesome to be able to share such a true closeness with my active amazing boo, the sweet child we created, the bond I so wanted & am so in awe of & blessed with. No words to describe the depth of love I have for my pickle bum. My sweet cherubs are my life. I never really include daddy into this blog much but Im so very blessed everyday for the love I have in my handsome man, the life he has given me, the life of a mother. xx 

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