Monday, 29 July 2013

Happy birthday Jasper Casey

 happy 3rd birthday cherub pie** my big brave action hero boy! You are so grown up, it's incredible to me the pull of emotion I feel around ur birthdays, reliving those first few days when we were so delicate with you, when we cleaned your face each morning so gently with cotton balls & water, so sensitive & tender with ur handling. the magical snuggle ups me and daddy adored with you in the middle of us cosy in bed, daddy & I just so absolutely crazy in love with you. I do so miss your little snoring snuffles, your "achoo ahhhh" sneezes & your adorable suckle when feeding. Your skin is still milky soft* I miss these sweet bubb but I am so very proud of the darling boy you have become, I am consumed & overwhelmed by my love for you, the beauty u hold & quite frankly the absolute gorgeousness of your angel face* you are my mini dimple king and my gosh I adore you. My heartbeat, enjoy your special day xxx your mummy moo poo poo head!! :):)

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