Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hisaronu, Turkey 2013

Its been far too long since last post. We have been enjoying a wonderful summer so to be honest Jasper & I have not stopped. Adventure days are everyday & we are outside more than in just now hence not being on the computer. But after a month & a day of drizzle Im ready to type up the unbelievable experience that our Turkey holiday was...
So, how do I fit this post into a somewhat small readable format not a book. Coz this holiday was a book in itself...adventures, love stories, hilarious twists n turns. A week of pure happiness. A week of blissful, chilled calm & for me no chores or cooking wup!! :) Together with my gorgeous man parenting our little angels, being a full family for such a long time :) Darcey being a beautiful water bubba, learning to swim with no aids, kissing us good morning & goodnight everyday, long hugs, girly giggles* And the studley, bestest damn boyo ever, amazing dancing, amazing character all day everyday, stress free, happy beyond belief to be around all his fam, happy to be with his best friend Darcey for so long, loving his spiderman rubber ring, pushing people in the pool & his water pistol!! The photos do sum it all up, the essence of pure devine happiness was just so apparent in us all. Only one moment made us grumble & looking back it was just too funny really & Im sure Ducky will cringe in horror when we relay the story when shes older, but lil miss got very stroppy after a week of huge amounts of pool time, swimming, dancing, early mornings & late nights. She didnt want to experience the mud bath we visited on our last day, she didnt want to paddle in the sea & she certainally did not want to leave holiday. She caused a fuss on each of these but was quickly calmed & like i say it really is hilarious to us now. Our holiday diary consisted of waking up for hotel breakfast, all sorts of choices & the rumbly tummys being fed well, then onto the same area beside the pool (we bagged this spot every day without problems) ice creams, coffees, milkshakes, football games, jumping in, slides, lilo & crocodile cruising, more snacks, nap time, then back to hotel to be ready for an evening out, some park time, walk into town then pick of many restaurants, shopping for 'genuine fakes', meeting camels, going on the bouncy kingdom!! back home to rest! Just so damn good. Me & Gary even got time to sun soak & have us time as everyone so enjoyed being around the bubbas that they would steal them for moments. Ducky learning to swim with her buddys Katy & Jade & sharing secrets & ice creams with Bella. Studley being tiggled, tricked & suncreamed up by Joey & Dave. Just such a fantastic week. We shared such adventures as part of our loving, huge family & no other word sums it up better than Bliss. There you go...143

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