Friday, 27 September 2013

dino museum rocks!!

Its like the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt* That was our motto we sung all the way there but changed bear to Dinosaur…yep we went to The History museum again in London. Spur of the moment adventure with my sissy in law Vicklaa too. Had such a great day & it was much less busy than previous visit as schools all back. We sauntered into the Dino display with no ques, were able to browse & take many pictures without heaps of people barging & getting in the shots. Jasper rode high on my shoulders to wave at the ‘real’ dinosaurs & marvel at the dinosaurs modelled on real dino ruins. They even have encased actual dinosaur bones rather than just the fossils. We saw a Ichtyosaur dinosaur skull found in 1811 in Dorset. Amazing to think dinosaurs roamed our own steps we take hehe. Jasper especially loves this idea & remembered from his last visit with Darcey that the mechanical dino is working & gets paid in food. He asked where he goes toilet though? That’s a tough one to fib about haha. He walked around the dino shop clutching this gorge dino teddy & how on earth I didn’t just buy it for him overwhelmed by cuteness I don’t know but it was far too expensive, Santa can get him one :):) We then headed for the creepy crawlies room & human body display. All very interesting & have lots of interacting games & buttons for toddly toots to press which Jasper confidently did. He really devoured all the knowledge we told him reading about each crawley & animal. He demanded me & Vicky read most words he saw & signs full of words became story books to him. He was so interested & inspired as his excitement shone through each bend & turn. We saw all about how a baby grows in the Human body area, this fascinated him & he asked why all babys had a willy (it was the umbilical cord haha!!) He showed us which child he was on the wall ranging from baby, toddler, child, teen & adult. So clever & just again so so interested in it all. Me & Vicky learnt a lot so the trip was so great for us too, it really is just such a brilliant museum. We were gutted when we saw the earthquake & volcano floor was under construction so we couldn’t simulate an earthquake but we will be back hehe. We then looked around the earth display; beginning to now. Very interesting, did you know fleece jumpers can be made from recycled water bottles!! The pics we got this time are fab. Just a brilliant trip with my lil monkey & gorge sis. So lucky to live so close to the museums of London <3<3<3 143

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