Thursday, 19 September 2013

milk drunk*

I recently read a great post by another lovely blogger about weaning herself off breastfeeding her son who has become uninterested in her milk after nearly a year. She was sad to loose the soft, precious moments of breast feeding & it made me think of the very few moments I was able to feed Jasper. It makes me proud now that my body gave him the best start but still sad to be honest that I couldnt physically breast feed longer, my body to traumered by my birth kind of gave up on that to get my health better according to Dr & midwife & i felt cheated again, bad birth & then this, I was truly gutted. I so enjoyed my amazing, bonding time with Jasper that breastfeeding gave me. When people hogged his cuddles for too long it was a great excuse to get him back into my arms & when in the tiny hours it was me & him, such silence & such a bond, just so greedy for that time together, him for his feed & me for the skin to skin. I remeber the night we were home from the hospital feeding in the night & Jasper woke Gary because as he was feeding he done the most combustable pop, followed by poop haha, it was expolsive & the sound woke Gary which was just insane & so funny it still has me giggling now, I still think to this day Gary thinks it was actually me it was so loud hehe. I found a few pics of my lil milk drunk newborn & these make me so proud as I know his silly, happy face is because my body nutured him for those first few days. I have to at least take pride in those days not weeks or months of breast feeding my stud :) 143

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