Friday, 27 September 2013

spoilt with wisdom

Id always imagined that as a mama I would enjoy all the child like activities & crafts that as a child I adored & was so often blessed with. Painting, reading, dressing up, walks up the downs, going to the park on my bike, dancing, singing, visiting new picnic spots, going to the beach every day in summer, picking blackberries & flowers for my mum, rounders & football with my fam...all these things i loved & wanted my children to enjoy & love too. Well we do them, and more. And to some that have commented, this is spoiling my angels. The only thing i can assume Im spoiling them with is a childhood to cherish, knowledge, nature & love. This past week me & studley have visitied the museum, been on a train, watched the trains from the bridge over top of them, gone to his amazing art class, been to the library for new books, been to the park, walked along the seafront & chucked stones, danced in H&M whilst shopping, went for coffee & babychino, went on a bus, watched the locals play Bowls at nannys park, bubba rode his scooter down some slopes, he had an autumn crinkly leaves fight with auntie bella, we met with friends & their children, we let of a party popper & watched it blow in the wind, we found a local area had been made into the 'Storm Garden' and knitted flowers hot air balloons & birds adorned the trees & knitted jumpers of all colours hugged the trees. All this on top of him being at school also. Most of the things we have done are FREE!! The only costs really being snacks & transport. So when people assume spoilt, they really do have no clue. The library is a free wonderland for my stud & just today he made a really sweet friend & sat for an hour reading books & playing on the computer with his new buddy. I chose new reading books for Ducky. No cost* We also visited the storm garden & took pictures. Yesterdays adventures were going through the gorgeous Beachhouse gardens right by us & watching the bowls tournament & smelling pretty flowers before they wilt away. Bella & Jaspey had a huge fight with the fallen autumn leaves & again I snapped away. Adventures, especially including nature & my local scenery are so easily found within children & if you expose them to it with patience & fun too you can enjoy these moments rather than walking straight past the cute old dears playing, or the crunchy leaves because your in a rush* Jaspers pace is slow, painfully slow on occassions but i dont want to rush him especially when his interest in all nature, the neenaws flashing past, the waves & the sounds they make crashing, its all a complete & wonderful set up for a child to learn, enjoy & cherish. Jasper & I only have two full days a week now that are Studley & mama days, in just a year this will be over. It breaks my heart completly so i intend to cherish every single second doing things myself & Jasper adore. My happiness is seeing my angels so interested & inspired by the lives we can give them, the excitement in the adventures we take & the easy things like reading new books & learning the alphabet through singing. Seeing Jasper & Darcey do things myself & my sissys & bros done as kids really makes me giggle, its just too wonderful...
Im so in love with new craft ideas i found on this wonderful blog too, this autumn bucket list is being made this weekend. Any suggestions you have for our bucket list this season please comment below :):) 143 x

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just an added note for today, when i woke to bubba smiling crawling in beside me in bed, i shut my eyes snuggled my gorgee stud & squeezed, Jasper kissed my cheek and said 'Mummy your beautiful, your my hero' best wake up ever xx

(oh & just one more thing Studley boo, you amaze me sweet boy. You are so friendly & kind, not only did you share your favourite toys & scooter with your lil buddy Corey today but you also shared so openly & easily with ur library bud, your such a nice boy & it really makes me proud & so in awe of your character everyday. You are such an easily happy, confident, adventurous lovely lovely boo. I love you angel. )


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