Thursday, 19 September 2013

wot a mess*

So today has just been such an incredible, fun day with my darling studley. Its raining & windy. Cold & grey but we had sunshine in our hearts* We went to 'Wot a mess' art group this morning. Its true to its title & the kids have a theme each week to play along to. Today was Emergency. The group leader reads a story & then the bubbas are unleashed to play in the amazing array of messy zones. Today there was tricycles to ride through paint puddles, car garage with foam & paint on the slopes & lifts, snow ploughs to dig up fake snow, car tunnels & slopes, water boats rescueing others & ambulance cut outs to paint. Jaspers absolute dream. He had such an amazing time & I took so many pictures in an hour. He is just so awesome to watch, interacting with the leader & children, getting stupidly messy & silly & he done the most wonderful painting with heaps of red hand prints & tyre marks from riding over the paper with a bike. He is so very proud of this & to show daddy later. It was so nice to see him confidently speaking with the leader to ask for more green paint (his favourite colour for sure right now) & help roll out new paper tracks for the bikes. I sat aside for a lot of it just watching him, letting him explore himself & see his confidence grow each minute that ticked over. He has become so shy of occassion & so its wonderful really to see him forced into social situations that he doesnt get sad, he just gets a little nervous & then speaks his mind. Perfect boy, im so proud of him. It was such a brilliant group & amazingly inspiring seing Jasper so involved. We then went into town for babychinos & lunch. Being honest, on most occasions that me & Jasper have a coffee date I get someone telling me how beautiful he is & what a lovely boy he is, so well behaved. Today we had 4 people tell us how perfect & just stunning his character is. Im so very proud that people see this too, im not just biased. Strangers feel the need to come to me after their own coffee & say they have watched him & he is just so beautifuly natured & sweet. Just amazing. And to top it off we went shopping for some new winter clothes & wellies, I really take such pleasure in buying things for this lil stud hes just too cute tring on little tops. He picked out a spiderman & hulk top, green trousers & some Fireman Sam welly boots, he liked the colourful boots better than the black Spiderman ones which made me happy, I love seeing him in lovely colourful outfits. He has new bottoms for big play school & some comfty hoodys. He has been so fun, excitable & happy today & that is the beauty of having children. Living each day with laughter, overwhelming combusting love & adventures galore, even on such a simple day. All my heart is for my little dude today <3<3 143 baby boo xxx


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