Sunday, 16 November 2014

My incredible little reader*

Tonight after choosing new Usborne first reading books from the library, Jaspey decided it was time to try & read one with me to Daddy & Darcey. We have very briefly touched on the concept of reading & he has spent each day from school showing me his lovely picture books & reading these from his own imagination what he believes the story to be. He has also had books with words but none that I would say coincide well with beginners. Since the end of his last term Jasper really understood that if you spell out individual letters in a word they sound like a word. At which he was inspired. So he has read cat, hat, is & it with confidence & pride. He has gained such an interest that I see reading becoming a hobby to him. I am the proudest Mama after he so enthusiastically & confidently read three pages to us & not only were they easy sound words, but also he sounded out roll & cannot to the point of figuring them out after playing with the letters out loud, not really knowing how six letters connected but then magically combining them all to this awesome bloody word. I was so excited & we all gave him such praise. It was just incredible, such a wonderful family moment. Boastful as I am my overwhelming pride just cannot contain. He is such a superstar my darling boy* 

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