Monday, 10 November 2014

Our happy place*

Swanbourne lake in Arundel was always a lovely stroll of a weekend date day for me & Gary when I first came back from Australia. Its the first outdoor visit I had with Darcey in tow when I met her. I have photos of me with a large baby bump waddling along after feeding the ducks & it has been a constant in all seasons as our most favourite go to for my lil famalam. It holds such beauty, adventure, happiness & sunshine. Even in the rain light bounces off the lake creating such stunning natural beauty. The ducks feed out of your palm & the amazing Arundel Castle is in view on the stroll around the lake. Fields with high hills to tumble down, rabbit holes to search in & trees roots to climb. It is such a perfect location. It is such a beauty spot Im inspired by & I look at my darlings in the light reflecting off the water & just beam. I have always been so in awe of nature, its stunning vision. I have travelled to some incredible scenic views in my years, but those close to home always jut me a little more. I love that I live a short drive from such history & even though my sponge brain does not hold all the information on each idealic town & building, I love them. We had another gorgeous fun filled day here today with some very dear friends & their daughters, lil blondie sunbeams. When friendships grow as strong as family it makes me so very happy!! Plus they may one day be Jaspers in-laws as Livi has declared Jasper is hers to marry & love <3<3 haha. Today was a brilliant day* 143

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