Monday, 10 November 2014

Seaside wonder

Its so funny to me. Just recently we went down to the seaside on a cold, broody day but I had to resist letting the bubbas go down to the shoreline. The tide was going out, it was showing sand & this is their most favourite tide. Deep water to run & splash in but sand to create with too. But the funniest thing is nearly two years ago I wrote this post about the most exhilarating, silly, fun adventure we had at the beach. Freezing cold day & running in the sea. Anyhow, it became quite the tradition to go to the beach & run fully clothed in the sea on the most random of days. Of an evening after a very harsh workout, cooling off in the shallow water, my bag & trainers almost lost to the tide coming in. On playdates during the summer when we hadn't intended to head to the sea so had no swimwear & on a sun soaked evening walking with Grampy & his doggy. This particular evening Ducky asked if she could paddle, she had her sandals on & was splashing & letting the waves chase her. I was throwing stones into the water for Roxy & look up to boo being waist deep in water, on her knees in the low tide playing with the sand beneath. I loved it entirely for the simple fact that she knew I would allow this. She knew her care free silly time is exposed when she hits the seaside. She is such a shy lil bubb, very unsure of her place in the world just now & is very strict on herself. I remember once taking her to the beach to just scream. We sat & had ice cream on a warm evening & I said to her its fun, its okay. She just couldn’t do it. Then a few weeks later she was there at the waters edge screaming, laughing, being crazy fun loving child. These moments are full of adventure & childish delight. I absolutely revel in the fact they both adore this silly tradition now but also if we have a place to be after a stroll to the seafront I do have to keep them off the stones otherwise one glance away & their knees are wet :):) My funny little munchkins. Come rain, snow or sunshine, we will always be seashore worshippers <3

And the pool at the park too**

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