Monday, 10 November 2014

Jasper Casey

Recently time has flown by far too fast for my liking. I got told about this of course, by other mummys with their lil beauts already in school. But wow, time is ticking by. The daily routine & chores are the biggest portion of the day. School has taken over* I miss my boy so much. I miss the days we used to stay in our onsies & just play & craft & eat lunch at 11am. I miss the day trips I'd plan, the train rides to these locations, the leaflets collected stashed in my bag, his map reading. I miss the park visits, the coffee dates & play dates all day every day. Jasper had his first half term & then in a kind of god send type way he got poorly. Due back on the Tuesday after an inset day, but off school for three extra days. Cuddled up to me mostly, puzzles that have been untouched since term start were done twice in a day, we coloured in his books he got months ago, we finished his Alphablocks magazine. I said Yes to his many requests. More smoothie please, can u snuggle with me please, can u read me stories in the bath please. I have craved this much needed time for just me & him. We both needed it & it was a blessing even though he had to feel poorly for it to happen. We are now in the education bubble & it feels sad to say but I am already looking forward to the next half term. I find myself just watching him. He always catches me after a minute or two & giggles shyly, but then follows up so cutely with "Love you Mama." I just adore his lil chubby cheeks, his expressions are so funny & his lil character is just displayed in every movement he makes. I am so in awe of our beautiful creation. Gary & I often talk about how insanely proud we are of him & lucky we are to have such a sweet natured dear boy who just loves to love. Tonight in the car i reached back to hold his hand. He squeezed mine like his daddy does. Its an obvious lil thing that two squeezes each means I love you. Jasper has started to do this as he knows it makes his mama happy, he told me so. Isnt that just the cutest* I steal kisses when he sleeps & still get all the cuddles I could ask for. But my lil man is changing in the rushing time past. He is growing faster & stronger & is so wise & funny. He has new moles on his body, odd but that's what he has always focused on as another stage into big boy hood* He'd count them in the shower & shout out "Mama ive grown some more i have a new mole!!" His left eye is edged with the cutest freckles. His feet are ginormous. His clothes size has gone up. Just growing so perfectly. He managed to after many attempts climb a little wall last week. He couldn't figure it out for a while & then boom. He got it. He was hugging me so excited & just said "Mummy my body it, did u see, i wanted to do it & my body did!" He was so impressed with himself. He is my sunshine & hope. My absolute all. My Jasper Casey Harrison. 143*

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