Thursday, 7 May 2015

hiM & heR

Hes obsessed with lego, marvel lego, chima, ninjago. Well any kind really* (and his computer game!) He sings in tune & has the sweetest little voice. Hes gotten really goofy. You know like when little boys just act silly & raar & jump alot! The cutest geeky moments** His best friendship group is changing but hes not fazed & has new ones in mind. He has a list of potential best mates haha!! He loves his after school club Beefit, the parachute & trampoline are his favourites. He can sign quite a lot of words & enjoys learning more, well done Daddy :) He pulls those silly faces using hands & giggles ferociously when caught. His reading is out of this world incredible #proudmama. He brings home folded up papers with the sweetest notes & pictures scribbled. He is writing sentences in his own way & spelling most how it is said. Most recent one was his 'Krismas' list for later this year!! (haha) He is very active & literally has abs! He loves doing handstands & rolley pollies. He likes cutting paper up & drawing Darcey pictures. Is wanting to help a lot in the kitchen with cooking or serving dinner & is madly in love with chilli wraps & tomatoes just now.
Slightly obsessed again with water beads, slushies & stencilling his hand*

She is wholey becoming a sport fanatic. She loves collecting her match attax cards, seeing if she got a Manchester United shiney. Desperately wants her own football kit & shoes & is doing incredible in her boxing lessons. She is as fast as a cheetah running & loves seeing Nannas horses for a short ride bare back* She loves being in huge open space so on the downs, at a National trust park or at the beach is her most happiest* She is so attached to her teddies & has her favourites that are her cuddle buddies at night. She still likes to have help washing, brushing her teeth & getting dressed. Its not lazy, she just likes to feel looked after. Shes still struggling with her own likes toy wise so is mainly into whatever Jasper is although it differs in  her favourite Lego character, it still seems to be Ironman or Venom. She likes to see photos I have taken of her now but it still painfully shy of having her photo taken. But if I flipagram her a set she is beaming* She loves bowling & is dam good at it! And playing keep me up with balloons. She was so excited to have matching shoes with Jasper & is really into learning about space & the milky way. Asks often to go to London again. Is struggling to show softer emotions recently & is having a tough time but still glimmers with her silly humour* Loves to take the mickey out of accents & hand gestures we all do*

143 cutie tuttis

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