Saturday, 30 May 2015

this day i love*

It is Jaspeys last half term before the end of school year just now & although we have had a few easy chilled days we also had the greatest adventure, one of the best to date. We were due to be heading to London for the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the M.o.C & to visit the H.M.S Belfast museum with my auntie Juli but a rail strike made us alter plans. She instead suggested her favourite holiday spots to picnic & tour for the day in the New Forest with my nan joining us too. And it was INCREDIBLE!! One of the spots in Brockenhurst was where we had been last summer for a short break with my mum & dad & the wild ponies roam whilst you picnic. We played bat & ball, chase & ate heaps before heading for the three bridges walk that Juli knows well. It was just insane amazing. Tall trees shading the most beautiful river with Shetland ponies in the distance. The kids climbed a huge fallen tree & hurried over the bridge with my aunt playing the troll from Billy Goats gruff. We had her pooch Merlin with us & he was in the water straight away & no surprise my spirited cherubs followed him in. Waist deep in an instant running wild & free in this amazing space that was so energised & beautiful. I am such a tree hugger, I love nature & am so energised by the outdoors & random wild adventures. This was me in my element too. We found awesome dens built & the cherubs ran through crunchy leaves until we came to the next bridge which was wonderfully framed by sunshine beaming through the opening to more vast fields. There was families laughing & resting. But not overly crowded. It was just the most picturesc idealic location. And to top off the happiness we all felt, the stream was lined with fantastic huge strong trees that had rope swings hanging off them. Four in total but the biggest one was the best. It swung out over the water & was so expertly tied. It swung out so fluidly & both bubbas were not even close to being afraid to get on straight away. They trusted each other immeasurably, helping the other push off & swing high. Then me & Juju had a go. Best moment ever...haha. Reliving childhood memories is my soul food. Being silly, care free & fun, happy & spontaneous. It just felt so good. We collected sticks for a pooh stick race on the bridge, Jasper chucking a great log as his losing branch haha. Horses being ridden crossed the bridge whilst my babies in the water looked on adoringly. This place has my heart now. Its one of OUR spots. My children for sure will remember this trip. It was too immense not to. After our walk we got in the car & had a lil detour to see my nan & Juli's holiday cottage which was set in such beautiful grounds & had the most unusual gate house that was also used as accommodation which I really loved. Just so so pretty* Then we drove to Lefe Beach. It was just stunning. Warm weather & shoes straight off (mine getting left on the sand, I was just so enjoying walking the ground bare & free I forgot to collect them off the beach when we left.) It was directly opposite the Isle of Wight & was just again so scenic & a beautiful location. There was a park & green with view points across where you could see the Spinaker tower in Portsmouth & the edging of Bournemouth beach the other way. The park apparatus was actually really different & fun & Im still aching after trying to be 'cool mama' & hanging upside down on the bars & doing the tightrope! The journey home was cosey & cuddly with my two holding my hand & talking of their favourite part of the day. It was just such a positive, happy day & Im so very grateful for time with my awesome auntie & nanny. The cherubs just adore their great nanny & of course they adore great auntie Juju. She is silly, playful & so so funny & we all just love her entirely for her bonkers ways!!! We are so spoilt with love & adventure from our crazy duo. Perfect perfect day & perfect start of the summer warm weather. More of that now please :):) my toes really loved it haha!! 143

oh & forgot to mention. I fell in love with like ten homes & so many of them were adorned with Wisteria. I have never seen so much of my most favourite flower. I just adore the beauty of all the cottages & the showcase garden & florals*

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