Thursday, 28 May 2015

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Update: Sweet cherub Liana Amber is here. The dinkiest most beautiful lil angel arrived safely after a natural birth with little intervention yesterday morning & she weighs 4pd 8oz which is really great for her early arrival. She is super strong & just so wonderfully identical to her beaut mama its gorgeous. We are unable to visit her as unfortunately she has been transferred to the Trevor Mann Neo natal unit in Brighton Hospital as she has a blockage between her stomach & her intestines which will need surgery to take care of. We are all keeping her in the light & sending so much love & am sure she will be rosey by weeks end. Drs are not worried for her & her lungs are strong, she has a feisty spirit already & has already had cuddles, wash & nappy change from mummy so she is doing good despite this. I am so in love with her amazing little face & features. She is so tiny with little folds of skin wrinkled into more wrinkles. She has the same bronzed skin tone as her mama & these luscious big lips, the top one bigger than the bottom. Just the prettiest little thing. Im so excited to meet her & adore her. Telling Jasper & Darcey was incredible, they were so in awe. My sister spoke to Jasper & he just kept saying her name. He is also truly excited that his school friend Lucas is now officially his cousin to him. Because they share the same uncle, auntie & cousin they are now best friends and family (I guess it means they are 2nd cousins) either way he is just so embracing his family & his acceptance & love for them is immense. Being so spoilt for so long hasnt affected him, he is just so excited for relationships with these sweet babies. His cousin Reggie is gonna be his besty & they are so going to protect together their little sweet princess Liana. Ducky really has never been girly with dollys & dress up so Im sure they will all giggle at Liana in her tutus & pink adorable dresses. The way Jasper says her name is just so cute too, he says it like he is so much older & speaking wise words. Its just adorable. Liana has been so longed for after my sister Jo & her husband Dave had to seek help for infertility. Its been such a struggle for them for many years to see their friends becoming families, for becoming an auntie & uncle before they were parents themselves. Its been harder than any of us will ever know & even though my darling sister is superwoman at times, resilient, strong, proud & determined, the pain also was always there. I also just need to give a shout out to to her super strength during labour. She went almost the entire time with no pain relief & only at the end stages had gas & air. My sister is a tiny 4ft 11" & visually not a hulk with iron strength so huge kudos to you amazing sissy. Again being told Liana was breach she was facing the prospect of a caesarean but powered through for the birth story she desired. She made it happen, she was a warrior & Im just so so proud of her. Im itching for an update to see how Liana is doing. I will leave you with this amazingly adorable picture of her. My sweet miracle niece, 
Liana Amber. I LOVE YOU***

BEGIN HERE: As I write this my sister is in labour. It is too soon at only 34 weeks pregnant but she is doing well. Macaroni my sweet angel darling niece is doing well and that's all that is needed for now. The rest will fall in to place. I'm excited to meet this little angel & praise my older sissy for all she did right even when this pregnancy & journey threw so much at her & her husband. After many long years & two icsi trials macaroni finally chose her mama. My sister has longed for a baby since we were little, being our second mama even though there is only 14 months between us. She is the absolute stereotype of perfect sweetheart mummy. Her nature is to be motherly and warm to all & I know seeing her with a child is going to absolutely burst my heart open. My brother in law has always been such a fun, energetic clown to my cherubs. Always ready to play wrestling & chase & always the instigator of mischief haha, so lil princess is going to be so entertained & happy. The joy she has brought already is astounding so I cannot begin to explain how excited i am to be auntie to this little one. "And though she be but little, she is fierce. " this could not ring more true. We always knew really this sweet one was going to shine early. She didn't have a lot of room in her mama's belly from the get go & I know she's as desperate to meet her mama & daddy as they are her. The emotions I'm struggling to contain are 3am thinking about this union are overwhelming.  I will wake up in a few hours to the news of her arrival.  She will be oh so real to the world.  She will have a name & I can count her toes & see if I was right about her hair colour. I'm so incredibly emotional. I know she is going to be such a cherished beautiful spoilt angel born to such a wonderful couple who will now be a family. It's just so so incredible.  My mum & dad will be grampy & nanna to four. Jasper & Darcey will again have a newborn to coo over & boy do they do that good. They are so so sweet & gentle with sweet Reggie pie* it's just so exciting to see our family grow. And to think that just last week she was kicking my hand from the womb. Strong kicks & high fives which were more an insistence of being left to sleep than a welcome greeting of love hehe. 

Macaroni, sweet baby girl, you are so loved. There are just no words that do this justice. You are so cherished already & I cannot wait to give my all to you. I'm the auntie that's not as cool, but will always have ice lollys in the freezer & caring wise words. I'm not as funny but I'm goof ball all the same so you can just laugh at me not with me. I can imagine your face down to the tiny wrinkles & milk spots. Im lying awake thinking of your beauty & love that even you don't know you possess yet. You have already given us so much I cannot wait to love you so right. All my light & heart is with you and mummy right now angel. I love you Macaroni. So very very much. 143. 

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