Friday, 12 April 2013

flashback friday*

A cutee booty toddler Darcey doo. These were the days I learnt I was a parent before I even held my first born. You were so shy but delightful to have around & you just loved visiting Nanna's to see the horseys. This day you learnt to play golf with daddy & chuck a ball for the doggys but you kept chucking it for Chloe as you thought she may fetch too :) You were (and are) so innocently beautiful, you couldnt look more like dadda & just had such a mature head on those dinky shoulders, me & daddy used to say to you "Dont wish to grow up just yet boo" as you always wanted to be just like the grown ups. 

The first night. My amazing studley boo was finally here. We were alone in the hospital after a hard labour & I just couldnt sleep from watching you & looking at your perfect tiny details, your button nose, the tiny red dot birthmark on your bottom lip, your swollen eyes & all that dark hair. You had long nails & creased hands like you had been in the bath too long, my big belly bath haha! I miss holding you so close to my heart but wow its overwhelming how much my heart oozes with love & pride for the boy you have grown to be Jasper Casey. Magical existence, my perfect life**


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