Friday, 12 April 2013

Swimming Studley

Today was so brilliant. I randomly decided I would take Jasper swimming now I have new gym membership with fit 4 which includes the Aquarena (soon to be Splashpoint). I am quite naughty in that Im preety insecure about getting into a swimsuit & dont like being cold so have always put off going swimming too often & actually it has been far too long this time since stud got to kick his feet in a huge fun pool, pretty much his lil legs were chubby chunks last time we went. It is only a basic pool but omg he absolutly lit up when he saw it. Equiped with his bathtime rocket ship & Spiderman rubber ring we got straight into splashing & laughing heaps. He was a pretty clingy monkey to start but then he got up on a huge float & we had a game of pirate ships. He saw other boys & girls swimming alone & after I promised him his float would keep him up he let go & hysterically giggled away kicking his feet & decided he actually really enjoyed himself. He wanted to try the small slide but to start just went to the top & came back down again saying "No mummy scarey" haha. But he eventually went down rubber ring in tow & splashed into the water with me catching him & just his little face. I hope I never ever forget that smile as that is total inspiration for every morning to wake blissfully happy. Bloody beauty chops. Such an amazing afternoon. Even just showering after is a giggle with the lil dude he is so amazing & fun & makes me wanna squeeze him so much with his cuteness. His words are so funny & the way he says stuff now. He kisses and says "I make you happy, kisses make people happy!!" They absolutley do pumpkin pie!! 143

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