Saturday, 27 April 2013

hiccups ;)

so the hiccups I consider to be a daily bug that I guess niggle our Harrison household!! Getting the hang of this honestly malarky!!
  • jasper brushing his teeth-he just loves brushing the wall too
  • garys biting his nails, the sound every single bloody time were sitting together is just yuck*
  • me well im just perfect!! okay i am too distracted by twitter, fb, daily mail, blogging...
  • darcey, well she can manipulate any situation to her advantage but as a fellow manipulator im on to her!! 
  • jaspey gettin crumbs, full blown splats of porridge & juice on our lovely new carpet
  • toys everywhere, pick em, tidy up time, then out again, same basket, ten times a day
  • anytime i choose to snack the bubbas hang off my hips like feral starved foxes
  • cant pee or poop in private
  • havent not been busy at 7pm for over 2 years now!! #bedtimeroutine
  • washing machine being below the drying washing up, smashed plates many a time putting a washload on spin!!
  • darcey waking up at 5am at weekends #ouchyeyesandhead
thats all I can think of, pretty easy problems really...

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