Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Baby daddy birthday*

Its been my dear handsome man, my sissy Joey & my gorge Mama's birthdays all within the last week. We have had amazing family celebrations but also Gary & i got a date day & evening in all in one day aswell as having Darcey over on a school night to stay; they got to play army men. Their favourite game to play with their best dadda!! We had a wonderful day together acting fifteen again playing in the arcade on the pier & winning huge amounts of tickets for the bubbas to pick a prize with. We had a chilled coffee stop doing crosswords & reading articles together. That evening my pops babysat whilst we went to our favourite restaurant Latino in Hove. Its Spanish tapas with the most incredible food & Spanish beer :):) On the Sunday  to coinside with Joey & Garys birthdays being close we had a family bbQ at my parents home. Such a perfect setting as they live on the edge of the South Downs with their horse fields just off their garden so we have huge amounts of space to play on & take over. We played football, boules & ate a huge buffet of food & the bubbas just played & played until they were exhausted. Ducky is gettin so skilled at football & kicking just from playing with her daddy & Jaspey. Although Stud is more interested in putting his shin pads on his arms as muscles & pretending to be Ironman, he does love to cheer a good goal though haha. We had such a brilliant week of sunny weather too so happiness all round* 143

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