Tuesday, 27 May 2014

History Museum for Eddie Bears 4th

Jasper & I were so excited in the new year to be invited by my great friend Helen to The National History museum for her lil stud Eddies 4th birthday. He has never seen the dinosaurs & is a huge fan so we were so excited to join him on his first museum adventure with his sissy Lilly too (Lilly is so much like Darcey as a toddler I can never stop holding her & hugging her. She loves a good eskimo tiss too lil cherub!!)
We travelled on the train & the boys sat with each other playing AngryBirds on the ipad & eating all their lunch by 10am haha!! They were so well behaved & patient seeing as its an hour & half journey. We super mummed the tube & Victoria station & got to the museum early heading straight for the dinosaur display. Its just awesome & I really do want to go one day solo so I can slowly read all the amazing facts, plaques & details on all the dinosaurs & actually the whole museum. We snacked & had a drink pitstop then went onto the animal & large mammal room & the creepy crawlies display. The bubbas were just crazy happy all day & so excitable. Jaspers lil personality when hes confident & around his bestys is incredible & so adorable. He just loved showing off that he had been to the museum before also. We brought gifts for the cherubs & they so loved the interactive games & learning around the displays. We weighed Jasper against a giraffes average weight. He is 18kg & a giraffe is six times heavier than him. They had an array of animals to do this with so I want to go back again & weigh him against others as he so loved this. The museum was very busy but not uncomfortably although it definatly seemed busier than previous trips. We head home for 4pm & all got a seat on the train. With the bubbas playing with their new toys & colouring it was finally time to relax & amazingly Jasper & I slept for 13hrs that night haha. It was shattering taking three children but so so worth the effort, amazing day with amazing darling babys & a really great friend of mine. <3<3

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