Monday, 26 May 2014

Growing project. Spring Bucketlist*

So for our Spring bucketlist we were learning about growing. Human body, nature, animals...anything that grows. We measured our height & as yet none of us have grown hehe. So a more visual activity to learn from was growing flowers. I wanted a fast action growth that we could see the root growth & all so we picked Cress, Alfalfa, Mustard & Rocket seeds. Placing them in damp cotton wool in clear tubs we documented each day what the seeds were doing. By day one they had popped & were already showing signs of change. By day 3 they were blooming & Jasper was just stunned & so thrilled he had created this indoor garden to water & watch. By day 6 the Rocket & Cress was standing tall & making our lounge smell of herbs haha. Darcey was home & very fascinated that Jasper had grown plants (if you can call them that) within the week. He decided he would like to restart the process with Darcey so we took photos, ate some cress on our Moussaka dinner & threw away our creations & started again. I love how easy this activity was & the pride i felt in not killing a growing seed straight away was awesome!! I adore the fact that Jasper was desperate to eat some of his home grown salad :) such a studley* 143

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