Friday, 9 May 2014

messy day*

We had such a great day today. Jaspers Wot a mess class to start, running for the bus back in the rain washed off our painted wellies & mucky hands. We head for town to stock up on crafts & buy clear tubs for our indoor gardening (hah cress, alfalfa & mustard seeds). Im hoping as we used damp cotton wool we will be able to see the growth of the seeds each day & well hope they actually grow as Jaspey is so excited about them. We had such a good lunch & coffee date with Jasper doing some of the most amazing writing in his workbook. He is so proud of himself each time he gets praise after writing his name so perfectly & today he finally got his e's the right way round & found a technique to write the letter that suits him. He was giggling all cute & happy at my overwhelmed pride & excitement!! He sometimes struggles as a lefty but using a Letterland technique on how to place the paper for him to see his writing has worked wonders. So ridiculously proud of how much for one this lil stud adores learning & being educated with such advance knowledge. He is so into understanding how his body works & is loving our Spring project & has absorbed so much from our amazing books & from my own stories & experiences of travel & growing. When we got home again soaked by rain we got our comfties on & set up the table for some more fun. Planting the seeds came first which was simple & quick. Then much to Jaspers amazement we made shave foam clouds that rain :):) I spotted the science idea on Growing a jeweled rose. Such a great experiment & such good fun to see Jasper so in awe. Then the weather questions started :) Im so glad Im educating myself also with all his amazing books & feels good to have my memory jogged with his huge encyclopedia that belonged to my dear Nanny Light* I love that its now read by me for my sweet boy <3 Jasper then sloshed shave foam & water all over the table so I cleaned up & gave him a layer of foam to write with. He loved this but only wanted to write his name as he was tired. Too right. He had walked a huge amount during the day & had so much crammed into one day. We had read books, played Hot Wheels & made a ramp from my book ends, eaten heaps of yummy food & he even tidied his toys away with no asking from me. Just incredible this amazing boy. Such a happy angel so full of spirit & life. Giggles & singing. My boy, my amazing WONDERFUL son x x  i love you dearly with all of my heart sweet studley 143 xx

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