Tuesday, 13 May 2014

living arrow 19/52 i heart snapping

The core of my being is & has always been family. My sisters have always been my best friends & my mum my all. My brothers are my adventure & action memories & my pops has aged into the sweetest old guy with his grandchildren keeping him young. Now I have my own family, us Harrisons. Perfectly blended into such happiness & love with the deepness of our spirit being these two sweet angels I call my Studley & Ducky. My lil sweethearts who are so very different. So easy to love. So energized & positive every single day. They just radiate love. I cannot explain the depths of my heart for these babys. Its untouchable love, unconditional & so very overwhelming & consuming in the happiest form. I have grown up with such a connected, strong, honest family & I adore that my chosen blessings are honouring this family code. Instinctivly. Allowing their own creations & adventures to schedule the weekends. Their sweet songs made up in their heads sung only to each other. The role play in the bedroom when they think we are not listening, whispered games of school time with teddys & battles in american accents copying Spiderman & Xmen movies. I so adore my sweet son for his kind manner. The way he denies us all a dozen kisses now he understands he has a choice but when he is feeling it he wants snuggles for an hour with books on the sofa & kissing my cheeks constantly. I love how he sleeps with one of Darceys teddy bears at night confident that infact Darcey will feel his cuddles at her mummys house. Loving my clingy Ducky doo who is so into bedtime back strokes & loves that I join her in the top bunk for storytime & cuddles. So emotional & shy but so silly & open with us. She gains such strength from one on one time with us all including Jaspey. Left alone to play & enjoy each others company they become wild crazies. Loud, funny & so imaginative in their games & laughter. Just perfection. I am so motivated everyday by my happiness at sunrise waking to these darlings. We are so aware of how blessed we are as mama & daddy & so thankful. 143 our dear living arrows :):)

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